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My Wheel Estate Story

From lawnmowers to RV's my entrepreneurial journey filled with faith, failure, and fun times

A Must Read for all Christian Entrepreneurs and  Wanta-preneurs Alike! 

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Meet the Author

Garr Russell

Garr's new book shares his entrepreneurial journey filled with faith, failures and fun times! Garr has built, scaled and sold several companies and his heart's desire is to encourage others no matter where they are on their journey. This book will encourage, challenge, convict and hopefully give you the boost of faith needed to start or continue your walk of faith in this crazy world of being your own boss!

  • ​Founder and CEO of Fireside RV Rental
  • ​Author​
  • ​Real Estate Investor
  • ​Disciple​, Husband, Father and Business Coach

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Here's A Sneak Peek of What's Inside:


Dad, I Need $500

  • Early Entrepreneurial Spirit: Garr's childhood ambition was to start a lawn care business, highlighting an early desire to be an entrepreneur. This memory sets the stage for a story about chasing dreams despite obstacles.
  • ​​Overcoming Doubt and Embracing Unique Wiring: Facing rejection from his father, Garr shares a journey from insecurity to embracing his entrepreneurial spirit, highlighting the importance of accepting one’s unique talents and perspective.
  • ​Encouragement for the Entrepreneurial Journey: Garr motivates readers to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams, emphasizing that feeling different or misunderstood is a strength, not a weakness, on the path to success.
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He Walks, He Talks

  • Capture Attention: Garr highlights the importance of capturing attention in sales and marketing, learned from his stepdad Gary, who could gather a crowd and sell anything by drawing attention, even using humorous and embarrassing tactics.
  • ​​Tell an Engaging Story: Gary's success in sales was also attributed to his ability to tell captivating stories and his firm passion in sharing not just the highs in life but the lows as well. 
  • ​​​Create an Irresistible Offer: The chapter underscores the effectiveness of making offers that people can't refuse and the power of offering encouragement and hope.
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Faith Over Fear

  • The Power of Faith Over Fear: Facing a prenatal health scare, the author and his wife relied on faith over fear, anchored by a divine promise about their son Noah's health. This experience illustrates the profound impact of faith in overcoming fear and uncertainty.
  • Practical Steps to Living in Faith Over Fear: The chapter offers actionable steps for choosing faith over fear, such as selective sharing, embracing scripture, seeking peace, practicing gratitude, and taking faith-filled actions amidst uncertainty. These tips are designed to help individuals face life's challenges with a mindset of faith.
  • ​Sharing Your Testimony and the Role of Entrepreneurship in Faith: The author emphasizes the power of sharing personal testimonies to bolster faith in others and discusses how entrepreneurship can be a means to further God's kingdom. Entrepreneurs are encouraged to use their faith and resources to make a positive impact, demonstrating faith in action.
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Garr's Mission: Serve Christian Entrepreneurs

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